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Agendas & Minutes

We hope you can join us! The Council meets twice every Tuesday.

The first meeting is the Council’s “Work Session.” The Work Session is when Council Members have the opportunity to meet with other County agencies and partners to discuss important items that need attention.

The Work Session has a varied start time every week.

The Council meets again at 4:00 PM for the formal “Council Meeting.” This Meeting is where ceremonial matters occur. The Council also ratifies any decisions they made during the Work Session in the 4:00 Meeting.

Meetings in addition to those listed may be held or canceled as circumstances may require, subject to applicable public notice requirements.

Please view our meeting agendas, minutes, and recordings by following the links below.



Agendas, Minutes, Audio Recordings

Every Tuesday at 4:00 PM unless otherwise indicated.

Every Tuesday at varied start times.

Prior to April 2021, Council Work Sessions were referred to as Committee of the Whole Meetings.